Call Center

Our Call center software is featured with inbound, outbound, & blended call process. This all in one Call center platform available in cloud or in your premises even you can choose as managed service. This solution will give you relax for scalability of your Call center. Our Call center software is featured ACD, Queue, CTI, Voice blast, Voice logger, Whispering, Multiple campaign, Call forward-shake help-conference with many other features & report. Our Call center has successfully integrated with the several customers CRM, CBS, CMS in Bangladesh and Abroad. User friendly interface and customization facility will ensure the productivity of your Call center and will help to reach to your destination. We branded our Call center “NU Call Master”.

Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast or blast is the easiest and cost-effective way to reach more people in less time. A custom voice file is uploaded along with the contact file list and a schedule is fixed for the calls to be dialed. The voice message provided by the customer will be played after the call is answered. You can use this service for any announcement, campaign, invitation or any social services purpose. This voice service breaks the limitation of educated and non-educated people. Two way broadcast is addition to content with one or more messages response is recorded. It is possible to obtain the voice logger (voice recording) from the target group. This voice service also facilities with confirmation, selection of alternatives or survey question responses from the caller party.

IVR Software

We developed dynamic IVR platform which you can design by your own. This IVR system enabled with decision tree logic. Our IVR system supports full range of DTMF. IVR service is widely used to handle high call volumes. It reduces cost and improves the customer experience. Phone banking, Feedback survey, Tele marketing, Appointment generate, Notification, Result publication, Voting, Order collection and many idea may launched by the IVR Service. IVR services extend the business hours to 24/7 operation. The use of IVR resolved the need of a live agent. The agents do not deal with basic inquiries that require yes/no; any numeric answers. A single large IVR system can handle calls for thousands of applications, each with its own phone numbers and script.

Co-Location Service

We offer co-location and web service in Bangladesh. Our co-location equipped with 42U 19” racks, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security. We also offer full range of web service in USA. The web service includes domain registration, hosting, dedicated server rent, VM and other services. The cloud service is one of our regular services as Software as a Service (SaaS). You can use our Call center software, Customer relation management software, Conference bridge software, complain management or ticketing software in SaaS model.

SMS Service

Bulk SMS: This is one way text via SMS. It is intended to provide an alternate to voice channel for broadcast of information. Just drop your text in a table and upload a csv or xls along with the contact list. Reporting is available for this service. Push Pull: Two way SMS communication is treated as push pull service. Any organization can push SMS to their target customer to pull the response. This is work as alternative to visit to the customer to collect necessary information by asking question.

USSD Service

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) enables for the transmission of data over the GSM Mobile Networks. USSD uses a real time 2-way communication between subscribers and applications. USSD is compatible with any type handsets, so you can communicate with all of your customers quickly and cost-effectively. A session can be initiated by the mobile user or the back-end system with an application by navigating through a customized menu based structure.



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